Sunday, June 5, 2016

Piers, Shrimp-boats, Dark-Thirty, and Stars

That's the usual appointed time of day that we 65+ers head for the sofa to watch Netflix.... you know, 8:30pm-ish.
Beach Week at Holden, for us old-timers was different! 
We were energized!
At Dark-Thirty, we grabbed our camera and equipment.
We dashed to the beach, 
to the pier, 
to the end of the island, 
and to the shrimp-boat docks.
Opps, and the ICE-CREAM store!
No wonder we napped on the beach during the day zzzzzzzz.
Enjoy the photos!

By the end of the week, we were so relaxed that, even the fiddler crab out-walked us! Check out this video---> Fiddler Crabs on the Beach
Crab---->10,000 #fitbit steps
TK------> -0- #fitbit steps

Holden Beach 2016......... 

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