Friday, June 3, 2016

Saturday in Calabash 05-28-2016

Calabash, North Carolina, is considered one of the 'seafood capitals of the world'. It is located  between Myrtle Beach, SC and Wilimgton, NC. For us, Calabash is a destination EATING event!
Twenty four restaurants are located within walking distance to each other. Trip Advisor lists the top 10 bests ---->HERE . 
Beck's is #14 on the list. Our family has been dining here for years! 
I think that is because of the Christmas Shoppe directly across the street, called Callahan's St Nick Nacks... (also a destination stop)
Walking, after dinner, is a great way to see the other sights in the area, while the hush puppies digest!
The breeze and low humidity this year have kept the bugs and misquitos away! We enjoyed seeing the shrimp boats and marsh lands.

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