Monday, June 20, 2016

The Energizer Bunnies of Haymarket

A night filled with stargazing, and smores!

Welcome to Haymarket, Va.
The Enerigizer Bunnies of Haymarket

The real energizer bunnies live in Haymarket, Va.
(They make me look like a slug. REALLY!).
"My bath rooms are dirty, we have ants, ring-around-the-toilets, and the kids have non-stop energy. Please come watch Landon get off of the bus and go to his last soccer game. It's his last day of kindergarten," says Sarah.
Off we went! (not much coaxing needed for KK and PaPa to be with our grand kids and their parents.)
Our 3-hour trip to Haymarket on Friday was focused on Landon's last day of kindergarten.
He was thrilled to see us as he stepped off of the school bus!
Oh that melts my heart!

The parents at the bus stop were prepared with string putty, water guns, Popsicle's and high-fives for jobs-well-done.

Dashing home (nothing in Haymarket is done in s.l.o.w. motion)  and next on the 'school's-out-for-the-summer' list was the "pool party" (Carino style).
Definitely my kind of pool party!!!

Then there was Bacchus ball, baseball, space trolley, snores fest, stargazing and finally BEDTIME..... and it was just Friday! 
Oh mercy, where do you get those long-lasting energizer batteries????

Oh, I forgot.... Landon and Katelyn have fallen in love with my iPhone app, called SKY GUIDE. Friday night was perfect to gaze at the moon and Mars!
Dirty bathrooms and ants? Who had time to look for either!
Saturday morning's event included a quick breakfast and enough coffee to kick-start our energizer batteries to endure the end-of-the-season soccer game.
Oh the memories.
Yes, I remember being one of those loud-mouthed soccer moms!
Saturday, I jumped up and down, yelling and cheering, just like I did years ago! Afterall, my 6-yr old grandson, Landon, is THE best soccer player in the world, you know!

If you think for one second, that little miss priss, 3-yr-old Katelyn would stand on the sidelines for the weekend, think again. HAHAHA
Watch out world! (Check out the middle photo... I think she might be a runner!)

There was no time to look for those ants or that ring-around-the-toilet.
But there was plenty of time for kisses, hugs, and cuddle time.
PS. We were told that Katelyn and Landon had serious melt-downs, as we left to return home.
Once again, that melted my heart
Does anyone know where I can find those high-powered energizer batteries???

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